DIY Off Shoulder Sweater

I don't know why it took me this long to venture over to the men's section at thrift stores for some cozy sweaters.  Because during my last visit, I racked up!

With this particular men's sweater, it was severely oversized, the sleeves were long ass hell, and the crew neckline was horrible. The sweater was clearly worn by Shaq or someone that tall. Anywho, I felt it would look better as an off shoulder. (Sidenote: I'm well aware there are no 'before' photos because of course I'll forget to take photos. Of course. However, please try to use your imagination to the best of your ability. Thank you.) Using a couple of YouTube tutorials as guidance, I hacked off the front neckline, roughly 2-3 inches under the sleeves, and 7 inches off the arms. The arm cuff was cut off and resewn again. I made sure to cut the back neckline straight across, too, because apparently this is a very important detail that seems to always be overlooked, according to the YouTube tutorials. 

This DIY didn't take long to complete even with the free-hand sewing. It helped that I was listening to my Spotify. 

The end result came out quite nicely, I must say, and the 'new' sweater made its debut today at brunch with Whitney. We went to Milk and Honey Cafe and the food is beyond delicious. I'm so happy there's a great brunch option nearby. Not every time I gotta hop in a car or metro to venture into DC for some brunch. Traffic heading into the city is too damn unpredictable these days. And the Metro is unreliable.

So yay to 10 minute drives!
And yay to thrifted men's sweaters!