Making it Work with Shein

I'm actually glad that Shein approached me to review their Plus Size & Curve clothing because I've always been curious about the brand.

It would've been easy for me to just hit up the site and go all crazy. But oh no, I made sure to do some research. I looked for reviews from other influencers to get a feel on what to look out for when it came to sizing. Because word on the online fashion streets is that Shein sizes are notoriously smaller than your average US sizing.

Shein does provide measurements, which is quite helpful. Yet even with the measurements and selecting what I thought were the right sizes, I still came away with items that just didn't work. We'll get to those later.

Let's start off with the items that did work:

Okay, honestly the Asymmetrical Cutout Shoulder Jumper (3X) was a true 'make it work' moment. It wasn't the easy, comfortable fit I was hoping for. Instead, the length was short and the sleeves were a tad bit too tight. Due to the sweater damn near fitting me like a crop top, I decided to tuck it into a skirt and secure with a belt.  But I can't deny this item is a true winner thanks to the stunning cutout shoulder detail.

A kimono jacket is foolproof. Mainly because it's meant to have a slightly oversized feel. This particular one - Longline Floral Lace Kimono - was just okay. It didn't drape my body effortlessly. I chose a 3XL and it fit more like an XL.

My favorite out of the bunch that worked! Which is surprising because me and the color red are not friends. I usually wear red on my lips. Occasionally, a red clothing item catches my eye but rarely do I give in. The Eyelet Detail Oversized Drop Shoulder Jumper (3XL), while definitely not oversized on my body, was comfortable to wear. Love the high neck collar, the eyelet detail, and that I'm able to scrunch up the sleeves with ease. My only wish was for a longer length.

And now we've come to the items that just weren't up to par:

One size truly doesn't fit all. I swear the sleeves on this V Neckline Cable Knit Sweater were meant for a kid's arm and not a full grown woman's arm. This would fit a size 12/14 perfectly. Maybe a 16/18. But anything above that, no such luck. It'll be tight and too short. It's a shame because it's really a cute sweater. The worn out cable knit texture is nice and I really like the back detail.

Might as well try a dress, no? As much as I don't want to admit it, floral prints are my jam. The flowers 'falling' is a nice touch. So what went wrong? Well, the top portion. I could barely get my arms into the sleeves because of the shoulder width. And when I finally did it was a struggle because one wrong move and I felt the Botanical Print Dress would've split in half. 

I was soooo looking forward to this odd piece of a number. My heart wanted this Two Tone Sequin Detail Batwing Jumper to work so badly. My favorite item of the bunch...and unfortunately, the worst fit of the bunch. Don't be fooled by the oversized, batwing design. Do not. The neck hole is small. I mean kid size small. I don't know whose head is meant to fit inside of that hole. And when you take into consideration the massive head that's attached to my neck, one can imagine what I was going through. Plus I'm rocking a full set of crochet braids. Wowza. It was a nightmare. A full-on nightmare. When finally got my head to poke out (after removing my glasses), I got my arms through the sleeves with no problem, and the sweater over my chest with no problem. Then it got to the waist. Even now as I look at the picture above, I'm still confused as to why the hem is split apart with NO STRETCH. None. Pulling the waist down over my stomach was a problem because it was beyond small with no give whatsoever.  I'm still convinced that I got the wrong item. Because it sure doesn't look like the sweater online.


Despite some faults, there are gems on the Shein site. All the items chosen were of great quality, given the affordable price tag.

But that damn sizing issue.

Please be aware of the shoulder width, sleeve length, and the overall length of the item. The arm sizing is the wildcard. I can't speak for bottoms (skirts, jeans, pants) because I didn't select any and truly I didn't want to because I knew it would've been a complete fail to do so. I went with the safe items that consisted of stretch and oversized detail.

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