Curvaceous Lush Presents: Curvy Girl Networking Happy Hour

Less than 3 months into the year and I've already sorta kinda tackled my numero uno fear: public speaking.

As much as I wanted to turn down the gig, there was no way I could say no to Jasmine of Curvaceous Lush and her event, Curvy Girl Networking Happy Hour.

Jasmine and I know each other through Eloquii. And it's because of this connection that Jasmine asked if I can be a panelist for the Curvy and Confident Discussion. Along with Dani, Yvonne, and Kimecia (another Eloquii connect), we discussed what brought us into the fashion world, what makes us feel confident, and to instill any advice on how to break into the blogging spectrum. Gotta admit, despite my nerves, I felt comfortable on stage. Maybe it helped seeing the ladies next to me or looking into the audience and seeing familiar faces. Overall, it was a great panel.

And also, a great event! Jasmine sure knows how to throw a party. We enjoyed food and drinks from the restaurant, a photo booth, and even had a chance to shop from local vendors such as Fia's Fabulous Finds (read my review here) and Blushed Candles.

I can't wait for Jasmine's next event!