Jam Packed

Honestly, one of the perks of being a blogger and living in/near a bustling major city is having a day packed with events and activities.

On this day, I started off my morning bright and early at the Line Hotel for an influencer breakfast with General Assembly (must sign-up to gain access). I've always been aware of GA but never knew exactly what their platform was about. GA is a community which offers professionals and companies the opportunity to advance their skills using education and strategic career connections. GA provides full-time and part-time work courses in a wide-range of subjects like coding, intro to social media, UX design, Adobe Creative Suite, etc. You can also opt to take one-time classes or workshops. The choice is yours. Considering being 8 years with this blog of mine and SEO still trips me the fuck out, well, I know the first class I'll be taking with GA.

Pinstripe Foldover Blouse + Tote Bag with Padlock + Ankle Strap Block Heel

However, the highlight of the day had to be lunch at ambar. With an unlimited small plates $19.99 lunch deal, I was in hungsto heaven.

Ambar specializes in Balkan cuisine so expect to be wowed with dishes that are heavily influenced from areas in Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece. Pretty much, Southeast Europe. The restaurant has such a welcoming family atmosphere and makes you feel like you're in someone's nicely decorated home. And what blew me away about Ambar was receiving a first-class fine dining experience at such an affordable price. My favorite dishes were the Shrimp Skewers (prosciutto, asparagus, pepper, spicy sesame aioli) and the Mushroom Flatbread (shitake, crimini, button oyster mushrooms, arugula, cheese). Trust and believe, it was hard to choose favorites. For dessert, we ate Cinnamon Sweet Sourdough (served with Nutella) and Baklava. 

I highly recommend this Michelin Guide lauded restaurant for your next lunch date. Say hello to the wonderful staff, take a seat, and prepare yourself for some good Balkan cuisine.

$19.99 Lunch Deal: Monday-Friday, 11am-2:30pm