Blue Knot

Believe it or not, one can find a simple yet chic item on Fashionnova. 'Tis true. I found the Full Grown Knot Dress on the site. Truthfully, I was shocked when it appeared on screen.

As for those who are familiar with the online store knows, Fashionnova gained it's popularity by  using only Instagram to promote their brand. And through the 'Gram, the brand reaches out to celebs and influencers (like myself; use HEARTPRINT to receive 20% off purchase) to wear their shit. Easy peasy...and genius. It recently launched Fashionnova Men, for pete's sake.

The brand is strong. Props to them, really.

Another thing Fashionnova is known for is marketing their clothes to women with curves, specifically, hourglass figures. So for someone like myself, a non-hourglass lady - who recently purchased a pair of skinny jeans only to realize that it fits everywhere so well but the waist is extremely small because, again, it's geared towards those with an hour shaped body - it can be a bit frustrating. Oh and their clothes are 95% party wear. Anywho, back to the dress. From the color to the deep v-neckline to the kimono sleeves to the forgiving fabric, it's such a flattering dress. It's truly a winner. And I may or may not buy it in other colors, as well. Seriously. I feel like I hit the lottery with this item because with Fashionnova, it can be hit or miss. Plus, you gotta pay for return shipping, so you have to truly pray for no misses.

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