Path to Power

As I get older, financial freedom is very high on my list of things I'd like to accomplish. It takes discipline and lots of determination. But it also requires researching and gaining knowledge along the way.

Thanks to an invite from Original Mgbeke, I attended the Path to Power event hosted by ESSENCE and Northwestern Mutual.

The venue took place at the Longview Gallery in DC. Open bar and appetizers filled our stomachs and tunes mixed by DJ Franky allowed us to pass away the time as we waited for the panel to start.

Panelists included Myleik Teele, motivational speaker and founder of curlBOX, and a Northwestern Mutual financial expert. The conversation was about building wealth and living abundantly on our own terms. We were given a journal with the inscription, Her Wealth, Her Way, on the cover to jot down notes. And oh boy, were they dropping some gems! My favorites:

Paying it forward creates generational wealth.

Save and plan so that we can spend life living.

I have so much to do when it comes to learning about money. Saving has always been a struggle for me but I do try. I really do. Also, I'm very much interested in stocks and investments. That's a huge goal of mine for 2019. Finally, I'm thinking of more creative ways to branch out for Heart Print Style. If this whole talk about treating this blog as a brand is real, then I gots to do a better job.

Thanks to 'Path to Power' for giving me the push.