Fall Kimonos

Printed Kimono

This look was worn back in September when I celebrated a friend's birthday. It was rainy and slightly muggy. But I didn't care because at this point, the fall season was heavy on my mind. And I wanted to wear the kimono, dammit! The things we do for fashion, I swear.

At the restaurant, a lady complimented the kimono. She mentioned how she much she loved it and kept staring at it every chance she got. (We were both in the restroom at the same time, so she used the opportunity to tell me this). I thanked her and we struck up conversation, telling her it was from the RACHEL Rachel Roy collection at Macy's. She was blown away, thinking the kimono was some fancy schmancy designer. "It looks so expensive!", she exclaimed. In my head, I was like, well, it kinda was...? Even with the discount I got at CurvyCon (Oh yeah, I got this kimono after seeing a Macy's representative rockin' it oh so well at the conference. Recap of the conference - actually, NYFW - coming soon. Yes, I'm a couple months late. Whatever), it was still up there in price. 

But hey, the kimono was worth it. Treat yo self, I say!