Thrifting Diva Presents: Sip, Style, Swap

The thrifting community here in the DC area is still going strong thanks in part to Ayana of Thrifting Diva. She hosted an event called 'Sip Style Swap' packed with a beauty and styling sessions. And I was invited to be a panelist on the styling session.

Ayana has grown Thrifting Diva into a full fledged brand. She has a knack for styling and refurbishing. Also, her Thrifting Divas page on Facebook is 37,000+ and counting! She has built such a great community of people whose passion for thrifting and consigning will never ever die. 

At the event, the guests were entertained with music, appetizers, cocktails, VIP giveaways, fashion and beauty vendors, and of course, the sessions. We learned tips on how to do an everyday look complete with lashes from Dejah of The Glow Up Beauty Bar. Her mom was the model, and man, she honestly looked like her older sister by maybe two years, tops. She's the epitome of 'black don't crack'.

Including myself, the other panelists of the styling session were Alex of The Creative Tinkerer and Ty of New Luxe: The Blog. We talked about thrifting, what made us start thrifting, styling tips ranging from the right bra to thrifting while plus size, and so much more. As I've documented so many times, me no care much for public speaking. It honestly gives me higher than usual anxiety. But it helps when the crowd is so welcoming and the subject is something you enjoy talking about. 

The attendees were asked to bring at least 5 items to swap. The photo above is just a small section of the clothes being swapped. Ayana had a system to make sure our swapping experience went smoothly: she made us pick numbers, called up in groups of five (1-5, 6-10, etc.) and had 2 minutes to 'shop'. I didn't find anything for myself but I did get a top for my mom.

Thanks, Ayana, for such a great event! I had a wonderful time.

For details of my look click here.