305 Fitness x Carbon 38

With the amount of dance videos I watch on YouTube and Instagram, the least I can do is attend a fitness dance class. 

To fulfill this goal, I high-stepped over to 305 Fitness to get my #makesweatsexy on.

Named after Miami's zip code, 305 Fitness is basically a dance studio with classes ranging from basic to advanced, and includes speciality classes like FLX (yoga) and PWR (strengthen, tone, sculpt). Each class comes with towels that glow in the dark, a live DJ playing the latest in popular music, and neon lights which will have you thinking it's a nightclub and not an intimate studio nestled in a DC neighborhood. 
Smiling with our instructor, Courtney.
Before she kicked our asses.
(l-r) Alicia, Elle, Tammy, some girl with a pose she thought was cool
The class I went to was a collaboration with Carbon 38, an active and high performance wear fashion brand. Apparently, it was an advanced class because it sure as hell made me the most uncoordinated person in the room. Yikes. And I know damn well I got some rhythm! Besides the frustration, I did enjoy myself and took the class for what it represented - a cardio party. The instructor, Coco, was an energizer bunny loaded with fun quips to keep us motivated and moving.

After the party, we went next door to Ivy Wild Beauty. While there, we got tips on how to maintain a fresh face after an intense workout.

My Life in Yellow

Again, I may have been  completely out of breath by the end of the class but my body sure felt great. I'm now itching to attend another class. Definitely the basic class because, baby steps. Also, it was nice to hang out with folks I haven't seen in a long time.