Zebra Midi Skirt + Cream Wrap Sweater

As much as I love wearing various animal prints, zebra never made its way into my closet. Main reason being: I find zebra prints to be tacky as hell. 

Wrap Tie Waist Sweater
Zebra Pleated Midi Skirt
High Leg Boots

So even I surprised myself gravitating towards a zebra pleated midi skirt. But I gotta admit, it looks classic and chic. There are so many fun ways to style this skirt but I chose to simplify the item with a wrap top sweater and tall boots.

Will I be adding more zebra prints to my wardrobe? I don't know. It depends on the item, of course. Can't see myself rockin' a zebra print jacket, y'know. But maybe a zebra print bag. Or a pair of zebra print sunglasses.

Baby steps.