Lip Vibes

I may be a lazy lady when it comes to makeup (even though I enjoy watching makeup tutorials) but lipsticks will always have my heart. This post features my most recent stash of matte lipsticks c/o ALMAY's newest collection called Lip Vibes

Be Fearless

The Lip Vibes collection also includes cream lipsticks and toppers. Each lipstick has such cute names such as Skip the Gym, Sleep Later, and Eat Cake. In fact, the names give a sense of one living their best life, no matter the season. 

Treat Yourself
Insta Queen

Matte lipsticks usually has a velvet-like finish but for the most part leaves the lips feeling dry and less hydrated. Lip Vibes lipsticks, especially the matte, hopes to give the lips the opposite effect: each lipstick contain vitamins E & C and Shea Butter.

Hit Snooze
Get Crazy

Lip Vibes matte lipsticks applies so smooth and truly does give my lips a lot of moisture and comfort. However, maybe because of the vitamin ingredients, the lipstick comes off easily. A little too easily for matte. It smears a bit, too. Also, it never completely dries to that velvet-like finish; instead it has a bit of shine. Which is why I only wear it for work. For a date night or a night out, I'll stick with my completely dry matte lipsticks. A tip: I usually apply a Lip Vibes matte lipstick as a balm before applying my dry matte lipsticks. It helps to keep my lips moisturized.

Which lip color is your favorite?