In Fall We Trust

Even though the photos in this post were taken in May, the outfit has a fall season vibe.

I blame the purple sweater.

You know how folks get the winter blues? Well, I get the summer blues. Summer does not bring forth joy into my life. Yes, pools and beaches are usually associated with summer but let's be real, you can go to either during any other damn season. 'Summer vacation' has a nice ring to it but so does 'fall vacation'. And 'winter vacation'. And 'spring vacation'. Okay, technically 'spring vacation' is 'spring break'. I play along on Instagram with hashtags like #summervibes and #summermood left as comments under photos but really, my soul isn't into the process. #Fallvibes, #fallmood. Now, that's more of my jam.

So much so, this past Saturday, I managed to purchase three sweaters and a sleeveless trench coat at a 50% off sale from my local Goodwill. It didn't even cross my mind that around the time I was there (a little after 9am), it was already in the mid-80s outside. Nope. All I saw were fall beauties I'm excited to wear in the next couple of months.

My season is fall. Forever and always.