Last-Ditch Summer Effort

And I'm back with a...summer style look?

Hey, don't blame me. Blame Mother Nature. (The temperature will be in the low to mid 80s here in the DC area today. In October. Ridic.)

Also, this is a cover-up: the blog's been lacking style posts for awhile. And a quick look through my laptop's photo gallery revealed quite a number of summer style photos yet to be published. Rather than ditch them completely, I might as well be a good great blogger and create new content. So this week, some posts will feature S-U-M-M-E-R looks but I'll do my best to incorporate tips on how to transition them into the fall season.

Shorts can be worn in the colder months with the help of tights. Denier tights. Knit tights. Fashion tights. You're good to go. For extra warmth, add a blazer or cardigan that'll hit right at or a little bit past the shorts. Personally, I like to complete the shorts + tights combo with a slightly oversized sweater.

Gladiator sandals (seen in photos) can easily be swapped with oxfords, Chelsea boots, or ankle boots. I remember seeing a stylish lady pairing over-the-knee boots with shorts and having my mind blown because I'd never thought of such a combination. It's a style risk but when done correctly, it makes for a killer look.

Okay, enough of me blabbing. The takeaway is - don't stash away the shorts. Keep them in rotation even when the temps are low with the help of these transitional styling tips.