Stripes + Tweed

Last summer, I was interviewed for an article about DC fashion bloggers and their impact on the local fashion community.

The article is still TBD. And I've been holding on to these photos way too long. So might as well share!

The interview was cool. Again, I get awkward when the attention is focused solely on me. Also, not a fan of talking about myself. But I managed and it helped that the interviewer, Fatima, was not only nice but very personable. The interview quickly became a great conversation. From what I can remember, we discussed about how I became a blogger, the DC fashion scene, the fashion/style blogging community and plenty more stuff, I'm sure.

In the meantime, Fatima published an article on ENTITY Magazine featuring yours truly. Check it out.

Mood: Good.

Yesterday was the first time in a long ass time I felt guilty about not doing something productive after work. Like, when it was time for bed I thought to myself, geez, I should've done something besides watch TV shows and YouTube. So today, as in right now, I made the effort to create this post and to update my Instagram feed. I feel proud of myself. Cause I could've easily done the same thing I did yesterday today. Easily. If I want to continue down this path of being somewhat consistent, I've got to work through these bouts of not being motivated.

It's a struggle but it's doable.