Adult Coloring

It can't be said enough how off this year has been for me. Shit, probably for you, too.

One of the few activities to lift up my spirits and take my mind is adult coloring. Yep, at my big ol' age of 40 I still like to color. Believe it or not, coloring is very therapeutic.

Coloring is usually associated with kids. Something for them to do to keep them quietly active. Also, it enhances their skills ('Coloring in the lines'). This is probably why the term 'adult coloring' started trending a few years ago. Like hey, we like to color but we're not kids so let's tack on ADULT to show the distinction. Okay. Coloring is coloring. 'Tis quite alright. The only difference is adults color as a stress reliever. I, however, also associate coloring as an artistic activity. It's like painting - only with colored pencils and pre-drawn images. 

Few years ago, I purchased the NIV Beautiful WORD Coloring Bible to do an activity I enjoy while rebuilding my relationship with God. Two birds, one stone. Overtime, it's now become my go-to for relaxation and to have inner conversations with myself. Other times, I just wanna feel artistic while music is playing in the background, no strings attached. Just last week, it was used to calm my nerves on Election Day. 

I do have other coloring books (Bun B's Rap Coloring and Activity Book; Clothes and Fashion to Color) but I have a challenge on my hand with the massive coloring bible and now I have to complete the damn thing before going back to the others.