Consigned Plus Print Dress

It warms my heart whenever I discover a consignment boutique catered specifically for plus sizes.

Curvy Girl Boutique is located in Laurel, MD; roughly 25-30 minutes from DC. The plus size boutique truly shines on Facebook; damn near everyday, there's a live 'closet' sale categorized by sizes and type of accessories. This works out perfectly for those who 1) doesn't live in the DC area and 2) still not comfortable shopping in public spaces due to 'Rona.

A few weeks ago, I went to drop off my stuff to be consigned and walked out with a shopping bag stuffed with dresses and skirts. Blame the 20% off discount happening that day. One of the items purchased is this Eloquii printed dress.

Felt brand new. Looked brand new. Felt cute while wining and dining at Cafe Riggs with Dani.

I even matched with the center table. This is how my mix print eye works. 

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