Super Bowl Halftime (Rap) Show

What. A. Time.

Who woulda thunk that in the year of our Lord 2022, we would witness a Super Bowl Halftime Show showcasing rappers? Well, 95% rappers - the 5% goes to the sole R&B singer. But still, this is huge!

Of recent, rappers were sprinkled into halftime shows for one quick verse. But this time around, it was all rap (and a bit of R&B) thanks to Dr. Dre, Snoop, Em(inem), Kendrick (Lamar), MJB (Mary J. Blige; meanwhile I truly wished she slid I'm Fine into her very brief set - now that's a song!) with surprise guest, 50 (Cent).

photo c/o Billboard

Honestly, my fangirling levels went up when Kendrick appeared. He's such a great performer; always ready to give us visuals. He performed a bit of m.A.A.d city and Alright. I peeped how NBC made sure to bleep "And we hate popo..." with a quickness, too.

Then when the Forgot About Dre beat dropped, a loud ass screamed escaped my throat that even shook me up a bit. I was like, really? All that for Em?

Yes, all that for Em.

photo c/o The Guardian

He also performed Lose Yourself which was cool but ehhh, not my favorite song of his.

Once everyone came together to close out the show with Still D.R.E., I was rapping along and clapped ever so loudly when it was all over.

Yes, the nostalgia level was high for this halftime show. But thank goodness these folks delivered. It was fantastic!