Two-Piece Skirt Set

I'm delighted the matching set/co-ord set/two-piece set trend is still going strong after so many years. 

This look was worn for dinner at Parlour Victoria. The one shoulder crop top and the high thigh slit on the skirt makes for interesting details. And because the ruched skirt is high waist, at times the matching set looks like a dress.

Crop Top + Skirt: ASOS Curve
Bag: Louis Vuitton via The RealReal
Which leads to why this trend is so versatile - because it can be worn together creating a standout look (in some cases, folks may think it's a dress or a one piece). Then on the other end, the items can be worn separately with other pieces creating multiple looks. For example: the crop top can be paired with jeans and the skirt styled with a tank top and a cropped jacket. The possibilities are endless.

Being Nigerian, I'm used to matching sets (or "up and down"). It's quite the norm for men and women, boys and girls to have the tailor/seamstress create a top and bottom in the same beautiful fabric to be worn together.

Since spring/summer is here, I made sure to curate season appropriate matching sets: