Spring/Summer Lightweight Cardigan

The weather here in the DC area has been cooler than normal (no complaints from me!) This Misook cardigan was the right choice for a recent outdoor happy hour.

Initially, I wanted to wear it with blue ripped jeans but something about a pair of straight faded black jeans against the white cardigan with sharp black applique spoke to me. I guess it's the vibe of preppy + casual. Hence why I finished the look with faux fur lined black mules. 

And this is what Misook wants potential shoppers to know - yes, they're a luxury brand but a wearable luxury brand. A high quality Misook sophisticated cardigan can be worn with your favorite pair of jeans to run errands or have a quick bite or go for happy hour with friends.

Usually wearing cardigans in the summer months would have me dry heaving; I run hot. However this cardigan not only looks great and feels great (recycled knit) but it's lightweight. A win all around. I'm wearing an XL/18. Currently, I'm a size XXL/20 so I was slightly worried about the fit. Thankfully, it's has a bit of stretch everywhere except the shoulder seams.

Misook is so excited for their upcoming campaign - "With Jeans" - they've offered you a discount code to use on your next purchase - HEARTPRINTSTYLE10Jeans. And don't forget to check out the sale section, too!