Secondhand Overload

(l) Tommy Hilfiger
(r) I don't have a tan carryover bag. So, of course, this had to go into my cart.

It's been a while since I went thrifting. I truly get excited when I enter a thrift store.

Thrift store and Old Navy.

I went this past Thursday and Saturday. Now, my Saturday journey was inSANE! I was in there for 4 freakin' hours and loved every minute of it. Well, except for me forgetting my iPod and being relegated to listening to the store's music. That sucked. (Note: Always bring your iPod with you! Blocks out the chaos). I found some amazing items. My whole cart was filled to the brim. My friends, that has never happened before.

It was a revelation!

But then I caught myself and realized that there is NO WAY I will purchase all of these items. Downsize, I did. It hurt but I'm pretty sure my wallet breathed a sigh of relief.

Now, onto my purchases:

(l) I immediately grabbed the black sweater because of the military feel to it. And the picture quality does not show it but the buttons are gold. Black + Gold = Awesome.
(r) Liz Claiborne
(l) Vintage Christian Dior: Price tag? $6.95. Um...yeah, it was in the XL section. It had an XL tag. With a little bit of weight loss and breast reduction (I kid...or not), I am going to make that blazer work. 
(m) I have been looking for clothing items in mustard color. Preferably, mustard color chunky sweater. No such luck...yet. I am loving the skirt and blazer, though.
(r) The color of the skirt is navy blue. My camera made it  look black.
(m and r) Sucker for print!
(r) Not really a fan of sleeveless cause I really don't like to show off my arms. But I couldn't pass up this pretty number. Besides, I can always rock it with a cardigan. *shrugs* Long live cardigans!
My love for dresses and skirts have completely overshadowed my need for tailored pants/slacks. Gotta start off somewhere, right?
I rarely buy earrings from retail stores. 
I can say that 98% of my earrings are vintage. 

Alrighty, that was my haul! Until next time...