Shiny Night

Event: Birthday Party
Where: Mio

Leatherette Jacket/Skirt: Target
Sequin Blouse/Earrings/Clutch: thrift
Tights: We Love Colors
Booties: Torrid
LoveLoveLove the pants!

Someone's trying to be all fancy with the photoshop. *looks away*

My friend, Cee, and I had a great time this past Saturday. Drinks. Laughter. Dancing. Meeting up with old folks. Meeting new folks. Y'know, the shenanigans that happens when one goes out on a Saturday night for a friend's birthday party. For the both of us, it's been a while since we've hit up a lounge and just let loose. Definitely made the most of it. (Sidenote: Cee has GREAT style. I'm gonna try to convince her to let me do a style post with her as the subject. *cross fingers*)

Thanks for taking your time out to check out my blog. And a big thanks goes out to those that leave comments. You da, you da best! :o)

Take care.