Stylish & Versatile Award

I was recently tagged a Stylish & Versatile blogger. I'm honored. Thank you so much, Ag! You da, you da best. :o)

Here are the rules and regulations:
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2. Tell us seven (7) things about yourself.
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Wow. Seven things about myself, huh? Well, let's get this rolling -

1) I am American-Nigerian. Nigerian-American. Whichever one. 1st generation. Born and raised in DC. Now live in the DC suburbs, in MD. After my 9th grade, my Dad decided that he wanted me to learn my culture a bit more. So he shipped my ass dropped my ass took me to Nigeria (along with my sis came a couple years later). And for the next 3-4 yrs I finished up my high school at an all-girls boarding school. One of the best in the nation. It was definitely, DEFINITELY, an experience I will never ever forget. Some of my closest friends to date are girls that I met in my boarding school.

2) Speaking of my fam, I'm the oldest of 3 kids. Brother is the middle child. Sister is the last born. Aaah, my sister. We've grown so close in the past couple of years. And I'm loving it. She has FANTASTIC style. (I'll be doing a style post on her in the future. So be on the lookout!) She already knows this, but she inspires me. Not only with the way she manages to look stylish every single day but also how she has grown to be such a beautiful young woman . She is one intelligent, focused, determined individual. She has her annoying traits (I mean, hello, she is the last born) but I tend to overlook them. Anywho, she's the best.

3) Hi. My name is Vivi. (Hi Vivi.) And I am a BSB-holic. That's right folks, I love me some Backstreet Boys. It can't won't stop. *diddy bop* Really, though, I adore them. I have all their albums. I wasn't really a hanging-posters-on-the-wall kinda girl but I did pretty much own any and all US magazines they were featured in (except those teenybopper Tiger Beat and what have you). I'm slacking in the concerts department; only been to two. I am definitely going to their concert this summer. We're just gonna ignore the fact that they are touring with NKOTB. I can't be in love with a boy band without having a favorite member, right? My fav is Howie. Yep, yep. Howie. Not the popular choices of Brian, AJ and, of course, Nick. Sorry, Kevin. It was Howie. I will never forget the day BSB visited TRL promoting their "Black and Blue" album. Howie completely changed his look. He was sportin' longer locks. He looked good. Carson Daly was in awe. So much so, that he straight up told Howie that he look liked Jesus. I was dying cause pretty much it was true! The good ol' days.

My favorite BSB song: 

4) I prefer watching TV shows to watching movies. I can watch 8 hrs straight of Season 1 "Arrested Development" but sit me down to watch a 2hr movie and I become restless. It is what it is. My favorite shows at the moment are "Modern Family" and "Southland". But my all time favorite show is:


5) My favorite color is purple. I tend to buy items that have purple in it. I'm just drawn to the rich, royal color. It can be quite sickening at times. I'm beginning to love mustard yellow, too. But purple will always have my heart.

Mixture of clothes, wallet, piggy bank, scarf, purse, earrings and necklaces.

6) I'm a huge NBA fan. Growing up, I had a crush on Reggie Miller (yes, that Reggie Miller). Hey, he had light brown eyes. *swoon* And he knew how to stroke those 3's. (He's now annoying). Anywho, with my stint in Nigeria, I kind of forgot about the sport. Then I came back and got totally immersed into one of the greatest playoff series ever, 2002 Western Conference Finals: Lakers vs. Kings. I grew to despise the cockiness of Kobe Bryant. I grew to love the emerging clutch shooter in Mike Bibby. And I grew to have a HUGE crush on Chris Webber. (The Kings should have won that series). From there on out, I became a NBA fanatic. I've attended a couple of Wizards home games (regular season and playoff). I've been to All-Star Weekend (Vegas '07). Now, I would like to go to a NBA final game. I've always said that if the Denver Nuggets ever make it to the Finals, I am buying a ticket and heading to Denver to watch it live. Best believe. (This all depends if Carmelo decides to stay in Denver or doesn't get traded in a couple of weeks).

7) I love to write. I feel that I express myself better through my fingers than by my mouth. What I lack is focus. I actually had a personal blog that I never took care of (re: update). I used to write stories. I used to have diaries...then when I grew older, journals. Mind you, journal = diary. Right now, I'm taking a creative writing class to get me back into zone of picking up a pen or pencil and just letting my thoughts flow.