I've Been Romper'd

Event: 2nd Nwannedinamba Youth Adult Branch (NYAB) Mixer and Bridal Shower

Wool Blazer: thrift
Romper: ASOS Curve
Boots: Evans
Earrings: Dorothy Perkins
Sheer Tights: CVS
Ring: vendor
Necklace: Forever 21
Purse: Mulberry for Target
I wished I had a bigger ass. Oh well. 
The sis, Zi.
Taboo brings out the fire in people's eyes, I swear. 
Friendships can be torn apart because of this game. I've seen it with my own eyes. 
(Don't worry, it's quickly amended after the game is done.)
Nice use of mixing with the tribal shirt and leopard print shoes. 
(l) The silk plaid blouse is so pretty.
(r) I loved how she paired this amazing tribal jumpsuit with the turtleneck. 

Where: Laurel, MD and Baltimore, MD

Sunday was spent going to two events. First, was the NYAB mixer. What's NYAB?, you ask. Wellst, NYAB stands for Nwannedinamba Youth Adult Branch. It was created back in '07 with the intention to unify the younger Igbo generation within the DC area and hopefully extending it nationally. (Sidenote: Igbo is one of the main ethnic groups in Nigeria and it's also the name of our language). The organization teaches us about our culture and does a lot of charity work within the area. The mixer was potluck style, so a lot of folks brought in delicious cooked dishes that were oh so yummy in my tummy.  After introductions and saying one interesting fact about ourselves (my interesting fact was having THIS blog...eek!), it was off to the games. There was Dance, Dance Revolution, Taboo, Gestures, etc. I decided to try out Dance, Dance. That was hella fun...and a bit tiring. And guess who won dancing to "Don't Want You Back" by The Jackson 5? Yours truly. *takes a bow* Later on, the sis and I headed to Baltimore for a friend's bridal shower. We were tardy for the party but thank goodness people were still there. And the celebrant was beyond grateful that we made it.

Let's talk 'bout my 'fit for a bit (ooh, that rhymed). I am so into the romper/shorts with tights look. I'm a believer that you can rock spring/summer dresses in the fall/winter (or in this case, colder weather in the Spring because Mother Nature is bipolar) as long as it's paired with tights. 

On to the next one...