Black Out

Where: The Park at Fourteenth (or just Park)

Shaking. My. Head. 
Chuenee with the CLs and Chanel bag. I see you!
Way before the drinks and the dancing started. Clearly.
Lace Open Jacket: Forever 21+
Skirt: (worn as a dress)/Earrings: thrift
Shoes: Evans
Belt: Torrid
I had a great time with my girls Chuenee & Sharon (I always pronounce her name similar to how Ozzy Osbourne used to scream out for his wife on The Osbournes...remember that show?). Both have birthdays one week apart so they decided to have a joint celebration. Drinks flowing, great jams to dance to and lots of friends showing love for the two. It was a great turnout. Now, let's get down to why we're here - the outfit. When I spotted the skirt at my local thrift store last year, I freaked the eff out. It was so beautiful to me. The sheer overlay with little ribbons all over it was winner in my book. Even though it already came with a black skirt attached to it, I had to wear another black mini skirt (from Asos). This was because I pulled the skirt up to become a dress. The extra mini skirt helped to hide my assets a bit more, if you know what I mean. *exaggerated wink* My hair has been a hot ass mess this week. I've been rocking a scarf/headband and tonight was no different. I put it in a high bun and wrapped a scarf around it (not to expose the edges...which are a hot ass mess, too). Oh, and the 'scarf' is actually left over material from an Nigerian traditional outfit my sister had a while back.  Before I left, my brother (who came to visit) took a glimpse at me and was like, "Why you sportin' a beehive?" *le sigh* 

On to the next one...