26th Annual Art's Awards

I was trying to get a picture of an awesome painting with a full outfit picture. Sorta kinda worked.

Met a cool dude by the name of Geoffry Olisa. He is the creator of BHF magazine. He gave  us a sample of his magazine. I must say, VERY NICE! Yes, in caps. Check out the rest here: www.bhfmagazine.com.

Dress: Old Navy, Blazer/Bag: vintage, Shoes: Avenue

Event: 26th Annual Mayor's Arts Awards
Where: The John F. Kennedy Center (or just The Kennedy Center)
Summary: Short post. My sis invited me to the event. It was very interesting...in a good way. To see such talented people and the teachers that inspired them being honored was such a great feeling. You see, growing up I knew how to sing and draw. My bro & sis never fail to remind me of that. They make fun of me (almost on a daily basis) like, damn, where did your talent go? *chuckles* Even my handwriting is beginning to suck. Eek! I mean, I could still hold a tune and my drawing ain't that bad but I never honed into these talents. Never took it a step further. Never too late to try again, no? A-ny-who, the sis and I thought we were a bit too under dressed for the event until one of the winners bounded on stage rocking jeans, t-shirt and some Chucks. We felt a little better after that. There was a reception afterward with endless drinks and hor'dourves. Plus networking. My sis is a pro in that. Me? Not so much.

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