Mix Match

dc style blogger
Cardigan: Target, Blouse: vintage, Skirt: Forever  21+, Shoes: Torrid, Sunglasses: Lanvin for H&M, 'Scarf'= belt from a vintage dress

Necklace/Braclet: n/a, Ring: Forever 21, Watch: Michael Kors

Event: Church
Summary:  First off, not having a camera completely sucks. I always have to go the 'borrow posing' route. Which pretty much means, borrowing an item from somebody else (in this case, a camera) and pretending it's mine during that day. So sad. These past 2 weeks, I had the privilege of attending really nice events and wear really nice (well, nice to ME) outfits. But who's there to take a picture of me? No one. *sad face* In fact, I wore an outfit to one event thinking I can get someone to take my picture - I didn't. So, I wore that SAME outfit to another event about a week later thinking THIS time I will get a nice full outfit picture to post on this blog. As you can see, I didn't. *le sigh* The moral of the story is: Vivi needs a camera. Now. Anywho, back to why we're here: the outfit. This is what I wore to church and throughout the day. Mixing prints going on in the theme of white and black. I do like the whole polka dot/leopard print combination.

*sidenote: Regarding the first pic, that was my slight attempt in doing a motion pose. This is why I usually stick with my standard: hands on hip, cross legs, smile. People may call it boring. I like to call it: stick with what works. lol. But hey, I may start doing more of it just for fun. Practice makes perfect, no?

Until next time...