First Day of the Week

Event: Church

Cardigan: Old Navy
Dress: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Avenue
Bag/Belt: thrift
Belt (worn as a Scarf): from a thrifted dress
My church outfit. I wanted to wear something simple, no fuss. Also, wearing purple just makes everything much more awesome, no? No? Okay. Anywho, my church is collecting shoes every Sunday throughout the month of April. I thought that was pretty cool. It will be distributed not only locally (DC metropolitan area) but also to those in dire need in Dominican Republic, Kenya and Haiti.

Usually, I try to post on Sunday, latest Monday, so I can be like, "Have a great & blessed week...while looking fashionable!" But I missed that boat. *sad face* Well...still, enjoy the REST of the week...while looking fashionable! 

Take care and until next time...