...And Another One

Dress: ASOS, Lace Bodysuit: Lane Bryant, Belt: Torrid, Shoes: Evans, Earrings/Clutch: vintage,
Ring: Dorothy Perkins (gifted)

Event: Dinner, Pre-Wedding Party
Where: Mai Thai, Teatro Goldini
Summary: First of all, sorry for the lack of posts. Just been one of those weeks. Anywho, I'm back. Last weekend was a packed one for me. Met up with a couple of pals from outta town (Calgary and North Carolina) for dinner. After that, headed to the next destination which was a guy's birthday celebration but that fell through. Finally, landed at the last spot - the pre-wedding party. THAT was A LOT of fun. Yes, it had to be emphasized in Caps Lock. All I gotta say is that my eyes are still scarred. lol. So much love in the club (in this case, a lounge) everywhere I turned. Must've been a stressful week for some folks cause they sure let themselves loose that day. I love this dress from ASOS. V-neck, drapery, sleeveless, open back!  Since I'm still in the whole "Thou shall not expose arms", I decided to wear my black lace bodysuit under it. It's definitely a dress that can be worn without a belt but because I don't have a defined shape, I had to create one by adding a belt.

On to the next one...