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Purse: Forever 21, Shoes: Avenue, Earrings: Vintage, Bracelets: Guess, various

You see that ring? Well, it was donzo by the time I reached the wedding reception. Thanks, Forever 21!

The fabric. Unharmed.

Event: Wedding Reception
Where: Howard Blackburn Center
Summary: I was given African fabric by the bride to create an outfit for her wedding. You see, I was part of the bride's Asoebi (pronounced Ah-sho-eh-bee...I think *looks down in shame*). You know how the bride has her bridal party, right? Well in Nigeria, the bride also wants her friends/extended family to be a part of the wedding, too. That's where Asoebi comes in. The friends/extended family are given the same African fabric to design whatever outfit they please. It's always exciting for me to hit up a Nigerian wedding and see what the Asoebi crew are rocking. I mean, talk about inspiration for your next outfit! My next step was finding myself a tailor because the usual folks that I go to were very much busy. Thank goodness for Stella from J'Adore Fashion! When I came upon this post, I immediately hit her up via email and asked for the name of her tailor. She was gracious enough to give it to me. I remembered it being a stressful couple of weeks during that period so my mind was not set on being creative. I just went for something simple. With pockets. Because skirt/dress with pockets make me smile. *smiles* Also, I wanted the back of the fabric to be the top of my dress. Added sheer to the sleeves and finally wanted the bottom of the fabric to be the waistband, bottom of the skirt and to trim the sleeves. Ta da!

(*correction: Silly me, I forgot to give a shoutout to the tailor. Thank you, tailor! I loved the dress.)

For all the mothers out there:


Take care.