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Blazer/Shirt/Purse/Brooch: vintage, Jeans: Forever 21+, Shoes: Avenue
Bracelet: H&M, Ring: vendor
Event: Laurel Main Street Festival

Summary: I love street festivals so I decided to check out the one in Laurel. The weather was great. Lots of people came out. Games, vendors, food (had me a good crab cake sandwich). Actually, my neighborhood is having one next month. Hopefully, I'll be taking beaucoup pictures of the event. Speaking of pictures, here are the few I managed to take of the street festival.

I bought a blackberry scented car freshener. I asked the owner if I can take a picture of her stall.
She was iffy at first. After convincing her that I will not be using these pictures for evil, she finally gave in. 

I was tempted to hop on and go for a lil' joy ride. But I think this was for the children.

Event: Nneka concert
Where: The Park
Summary: I've heard great things about Nneka that finally I was like, I had to hear it for myself. So, Cee and I checked out her show @ The Park. I am now a fan. I love that for her it's just about her music. She's a very talented woman. As Jay-Z would say, "After the show, it's the after party..." We took it to the 1st floor, met up with more of our friends and danced the night away. Lots of fun.

Blazer: vintage, Purse: Mulberry for Target, Pants: Forever 21+
Blouse: Old Navy, Shoes: Avenue, Necklace: my sister's
*I wished I pulled up my pants before taking this pic. It kept sliding down. Ah well.*

Cee and her bangin' outfit. I peep the leather skirt.