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Top: H&M, Skirt: ASOS, Bag/Watch: Michael Kors,
Earrings: vintage, Belt: Lane Bryant, Shoes: Payless
See how I wore the skirt differently here
Event: Cultural Tourism DC's Around the World Embassy Tour

Summary: Cultural Tourism DC created Passport DC to celebrate the international culture here in the city throughout the month of May. It gives DC residents and tourists an opportunity to know a bit more about the embassies they pass each day. Participating embassies offer to educate us on their music, dance, food, etc. Each weekend an event is held. And so this past Sat, my sister, our friend, Jessica, and I decided to hit up Around the World Embassy. During this event, more than 30 embassies participated. Now, these places are spread throughout DC and we knew our time was limited to visit almost all 30 of 'em. So we decided to visit International Drive which has 10 embassies. Only 7 participated, though (we didn't get the chance to visit Bahrain).

Onto the pictures!

*Warning: This is gonna be a long ass post.







I had a fantastic time! I swear, even the moody weather (it rained) couldn't dampen our mood. So to DC residents or for anyone visiting DC this month, there are 2 weekends left so check out Cultural Tourism DC website to find out what event is taking place and GO! You will not be disappointed.

Take care and thanks for stopping by. *waves*