Fist Pump Nation

Lace Vest/Blouse: Old Navy, Shorts: Torrid, Shades: Gucci, Bag: Target, Sandals: Lane Bryant
Event: Memorial Day Weekend
Where: Jersey Shoreline (Seaside Heights)

Summary: This was my first time visiting Jersey Shore. Our host and Ingrid's friend, Greg, lives 5 minutes away from Seaside Heights. He was the best; our own personal tour guide. I mean, it did help that he was raised there, too. We saw where the "Jersey Shore" cast lived. Everybody was excited...except me. Don't care much for the show. The only people I know of are Snookie (due to the Punch Heard Around The World) and The Situation (because of "Dancing With the Stars"). Towards the end of the trip, MTV just so happened to be airing a marathon. So everybody was like, "WATCH!!!". I did. Still not impressed. I will say that Vinny is very cute. Anywho, went to the beach which, of course, was the highlight for me. Got myself a nice tan. lol. Checked out the boardwalk. He also took us to some night spots. Don't know the next time I'll ever visit The Shore but I did have A LOT of fun hanging out with my friends and meeting new people.

Our host, Greg

The lil' pond he built behind his house.

His neighborhood bay.

"Jersey Shore" house

My favorite night spot of the weekend, Luna Derosa


Laurie-Anne and Ingrid...before the torture

The Torture
Meanwhile, that can never be me. Never.

After the Torture

The gang.
(l-r) Julian, Laurie-Anne, Agnes, Ingrid and Greg


iPod + Bubbles

Swimsuit/Shades/Scarf: vintage, Lace Jacket: Forever 21+, Earrings: Set Ur Style 

Let me find out I cut off Laurie-Anne's and Ingrid's head. Buahahaha. 

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