My Closet is Happy. My Wallet is Not.

Black snake print wedge sandal -    

Since I made the decision that 99.9% of my shoes will be purchased from Evans, my life has been increasingly at ease. You see, I have weird proportioned feet. Yes, it's wide. And yes, a lot of stores offer wide feet. But it ain't wide enough for my feet.

When my good family friend, Nicole of The Scoop, told me about Evans shoe department (up to that point I was only familiar with their clothes) and how it goes up to WW/EE and it's true to size, I was curious. Then last year she brought over two pair of shoes. I tried it on and I was sold.
*Sidenote: If you know of any other store (online or not) that sells stylish WW/EE shoes, please, don't leave me in the dark.

When I came upon these shades at Neiman's, I shrieked. Like, seriously. A loud shriek. This picture does not do it justice. I tried it on and...well, you know the rest. It's still on the website: Marc by Marc Jacobs Oversized Metal Frame Sunglasses.

My favorite recent purchase. Vintage, gold, shimmer, $6.99, print, FRINGE. I'm saving this dress for a vacation later on this year. 

Another vintage find. Just a simple $3.99 navy blue dress with awesome shoulder details. It came with shoulder pads. I immediately ripped off the shoulder pads. My shoulders are already broad. I tend to do that with pretty much all my dresses/blazers that comes with shoulder pads. I don't need to accentuate my shoulders even more. Ha! Bout to look like a line backer up in this piece. 

A lovely pleated orange (yes, orange...don't let this photo fool ya) swing dress that I got from TJ-Maxx. It's Calvin Klein and it has pockets. 

Well, that's all folks. Until next time. Thanks for stopping by.