Sip & Swap Event

dc style blogger

Event: DC Sip & Swap with The Swapaholics
Where: Clarendon Ballroom

Summary: This was my first clothing swap event. I was always curious as to how the whole process worked. In my mind, I thought it'll be a bit animalistic. And it kind of was. Ha! But it wasn't too bad, either. I could've grabbed some more items but I just do not possess that aggressive personality. I was wa-a-a-y too chill...laidback. The highlight for me was meeting other DC bloggers and chatting it up. 

What I wore:

Blazer/purse; vintage, Dress: Old Navy, Shoes: Lane Bryant
Necklaces: vendor/Forever 21, Shades: Gucci, Watch: Michael Kors

The event started at 7:30pm. Before the event, I made a pit stop at their rooftop for happy hour drinks and to mingle. It was there where I met some DC bloggers.

I was such a fan of Ayanna's hot pink blazer that I had to take a picture of it. Come to find out, she's also a fashion blogger.

My little bag stuffed with goodies I managed to cop.

Thanks for stopping by and for all the comments. Wishing everyone a great week...while looking fashionable.