Just a Bolt Bus Away

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As I stated in my previous post, Cee and I went on a lil' day trip to NYC. Oh, the wonders of living 4/5hrs away. So we hopped on Bolt Bus at 6:15am (actually, 6:30ish am...the bus came a tad late) and arrived in NYC around 10:20am. Immediately, we took a cab to 1000 Fifth Avenue. Location: The Metropolitan Museum of Art aka The MET Museum. We thought we did good coming early to see the exhibit. Apparently, about 100+ people thought the same thing. We were guided through a maze-like entry that took about 5 minutes JUST to get to the line for the exhibit. Cee noticed a sign that read to expect an hour wait. It couldn't be so! It was so. 

So what do you do when you have an hour in your hands? Take pictures, of course.

An hour later...

Before we got inside, we were told not to take pictures. Did I listen? 


Behold the pictures I managed to take with my camera phone!

Took another round of pics in this beautiful open area inside the museum.

Dress: Forever 21+, Vest: Rainbow, Shoes: Evans, Purse: Zara

The exhibit was worth the long wait. I recommend it to everyone of all ages, male and female. 

Take care. Wishing everyone a superb weekend!