White Heat

Event: Baby Shower

Summary: This dress is so perfect for extreme hot weather. Why? Because it's white and light. The end. When I wore it previously here I said that the next time I rock it I'll pair it with heels. Sure enough, that's exactly what I did with my Evans orange shoes. It's like the combination was made for each other. Also, instead of tying the belt to the back, I tied it to the front and left it long. Y'know, trying something different.

Clearly, my nursery years were a failure.
Hey, at least I didn't put "coat/fur" for #1, though, like someone did.
I mean, "Mary had a little lamb. Its' coat/fur was white as snow." #cmonson!

Dress: ASOS, Shoes: Evans, Purse/Earrings: vintage, Ring: vendor, Watch: Michael Kors

Wishing everyone a great week...while looking fashionable!