DC FABB: Carbon

Me with Gina
Photo courtesy of Elle
Event: DC FABB Meetup
Where: Carbon

Summary: Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to go to the monthly DC FABB meetup. This time around, it was held at an upscale, eco-friendly boutique called Carbon. It's located in the heart of the Woodley Park neighborhood in DC. Also, the founders of DC FABB, Liz and Lacey, organized 10 local designers (who had items being sold at Carbon) to converse with us about their products. Me being me, I got there late. This event went from 7-9pm. I got there at 8:30pm. *avoids eye contact* I would've been there at 7:30ish (I mean, that's still late but that's a little bit better than some 8:30), but I got lost. Which is natural because I stay getting lost driving in DC. Ah well. Luckily for me, it was still on and popping by the time I got there. I was a bit confused. Like, was this going to be the after party? Nope. The attendants were having such a great time enjoying the cupcakes, drinks and socializing that no one wanted to leave at 9pm. Victory for me!

On to the pictures!

Katherine Limon, owner of Carbon.
She's originally from Nevada and moved to DC 8yrs ago
I love her maxi dress.

Gina of Tulle & Combat Boots
Sondai with her friend and photographer

Tanya of East Coast Chic
Michelle of ChellBellz
Her neon yellow clutch was a hit.
Also a hit? The cupcakes she made for the event!

Gilded Vintage

Ginjie of SAINTCHiC

Carlis & Katya of Spicy Candy DC

One of the co-founders of DC FABB, Liz of So Much to Smile About

Alina of The Feast and The Hyperbalist

After the event, Michelle and I were every bit of hungry. I mean, cupcakes can only do so much. So we went to...

Tono Sushi

...which was on the same block of the event, for some sushi and water. Yes, water. It was hot/humid so drinking alcoholic beverages certainly would not have kept us cool and it didn't help that we ate outside. While eating, Michelle noticed Kenya Keenyah from Cycle 4 of America's Next Top Model. I totally forgot about her and her season (which makes sense because it followed the best season ever of that series - Cycle 3). It all came rushing back to me when I saw her face. 

That was my evening! Please visit Carbon for some great shopping. 

Wishing everyone a safe and fantastic week...while looking fashionable!