Getting the Hang of It

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Wore this to church on Sunday. Deciding to try something different, I removed the belt that came with the dress and used an H&M polka dot scarf as a replacement. I think it went perfectly with the dress, despite the clash of patterns. The colors helped a lot. Funny enough, when I got home and tried my newly bought item on, it was then I noticed the bottom of the dress.

Whoops. It had like a handkerchief style going on. Really, really, I'm not a fan of that style. If I had noticed it at the store OR better yet, tried it on in the dressing room (not a fan of trying on clothes), I don't think I would have purchased it. Now, I'm getting used to it. You know what else I'm getting used to? Showing my arms. It ain't so bad. I mean, I still feel funny. And I still shoot glances left and right to see if anyone is glaring at my exposed skin. With time, it'll be a breeze. Until then, I'm approaching this phenomenon with caution.

Dress/Shoes: Avenue, Scarf: H&M, Purse/Shades/Earrings: vintage

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