A Golden Time

I was feeling myself just a bit in this vintage dress. OMWord, I am so in love with it. I mean, it had everything - lace, fringe, sparkle, patterns, gold. But yet, it wasn't overwhelming. It felt right. At first, I was going to wear it during my trip to Vegas. But then I was like, shit, I can't waste it like that. Granted Vegas is flashing lights central and a dress like mine would've been a great complement. But this dress screams birthday dress! So, I held it off until 10/21/2011.  On this night, I decided (last minute, of course, because once again...that's how I roll) to have a small dinner at The Melting Pot in DC. It's a fondue restaurant. Such a great experience for those that have never tried it. This was my second time going. And I will be heading there again. Hopefully, soon.

Dress: vintage, Earrings: Mom's, Shoes: Avenue, Purse: Forever 21
OMWord, this was hands down one of the best drinks I've ever had. So serious.
It's called Campfire S'mores Martini.
Fucking awesome. The end.

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