Reppin' in Trad

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Event: Nigeria's Independence Party
Where: Nigeria Embassy
Summary: I was thisclose to wearing a non-traditional outfit because I didn't have any made for this event. But then I remembered that I have a few leftover asoebi outfits in my closet. Also, my sis made a good point that since it was Independence Day and we were heading to an Independence Day party, it would be right to showcase your pride by wearing a Nigerian traditional outfit. So, I decided to go with a dress I wore a couple of months ago for a wedding. I actually did a post about it here (click the link also to see the definition of 'asoebi', for all ya'll confused folks). The next step was to remix the dress. I wore it with purple heels to bring out the little specks of purple in the dress. Rocked what is soon becoming my favorite black bag that I got from Buffalo Exchange in NYC. Last time I applied a slightly hot pink lipstick. This time around, I went for a bright coral shade. Finally, went with minimal jewelry.

Dress: custom made, Shoes: Torrid, Bag: Buffalo Exchange
Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: vintage, Ring: Lane Bryant, Bracelet: vendor
Braids in a bun.
I went with the fam (minus the bro). We got there super duper late. Missed all the festivities...and the food...but we did still managed to see our friends. And dance.

We're in the month of October. Hence, the best freakin' month of the year! Why? Because I was born during this month. Duh. *flip braids*

Have a great week, everyone!