Refinery 29

Event: Refinery 29 DC Launch
Where: Madewell

Summary: When word got out that the fantastic lifestyle website Refinery 29 was creating a DC section, I was ecstatic. I love me some DC and I love when DC gets its due. In this case, fashion. Now, I'm not saying that DC is up there with NYC or San Fran or LA. But we're getting there. To celebrate, R29 had a launch party at the cool and hip store Madewell. I went with Michelle and because of her we got there on time. Victory for me! Cause as well know, I am not good with time. At all. Like, no. I try to be. I really do. But it's either I'm super duper early or super duper late. No middle ground (re: on time). We walked in to hear music booming, the bartender prepping up and R29 folks taking a last look around. Gradually, people started coming in and before they knew it, two floors were filled with fashionable DC folks. The 2nd floor had another bar and a photo booth. Trust me, the place was live! So much fun. I couldn't stay long because I had to head over to the Verizon Center for the Watch the Throne concert.

Before walking into the store, Michelle noticed how the side of the building would make a great backdrop for a photo shoot. So, naturally, we took pictures in front of it. 

Blazer/Earrings: vintage, Jeans: Forever 21+, Sheer Blouse: vintage (Avenue)
Bag: Aldo, Shades: Gucci, Shoes: Simply Be

Ring: vendor, Scarf: H&M, Brooch: vintage

Ready for some more pictures? Sure you are! And even if you had thought to yourself, 'not really', I still would've posted it. Duh. 

Brittany and Shauna of Refinery 29

photo c/o Glam Soup
So happy that I finally got to meet Genevia, 1/2 of Vice...As If
Love their blog and style.
I so wanted to go inside this and pretend I was Superman. Unfortunately, it was locked.
*sad face*

Refinery 29 signature drink had us feeling good and loopy.

Enjoy your weekend!