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Hands down, one of the best concerts I have been to.

I stan for Kanye West. Easily. The man can do no wrong in my eyes. I'm talking about music here. Let's get that straight. Like so many other people, I first heard about 'Ye during Jay-Z's "The Blueprint". He was the man that gave Jay one of his biggest hits to date, H to the Izzo. Soon after, 'Ye dropped his first album, The College Dropout, and well, the rest is history. He is a brilliant producer and gradually becoming a great lyricist. And the man can dress his ass off! (*whispers*We won't get into his first runway collection, though. Shhh...)
*Favorite album: Registration, Best album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Favorite song: Celebration

Jay-Z is the man. Period. I've liked Jay-Z but I never appreciated his music. His wordplay. His flow. I left that for my brother and sister. THEY are Jay-Z's biggest stans. Easily. So, it's because of them that I became a huge fan and quickly started appreciating him. There is a reason that despite his age (41 years young) he is currently one of the biggest names in rap/hip-hop right now. Jay is one talented man that knows what he is doing.
*Favorite album: The Blueprint, Favorite song: Public Announcement

Earlier this year, Jay and 'Ye came together to bring out Watch The Throne album. They also named themselves 'Watch The Throne'. *blank stare* That was just weird and wack. I've listened to the album and I can honestly say that I am not a fan of it. At all. I only like two songs, Gotta Have It (my fav) and N***** in Paris (I was this close to typing 'N***** in Paradise'. *le sigh*).

But shoo, that didn't stop my ass from buying a ticket to their concert! This is KANYE. And JAY-Z. Under one roof. Performing. *head explodes* I've been to a 'Ye concert once and that was eons ago during his college tour to promote "The College Dropout". Never seen Jay concert live.

I went to the sold out concert with my sister. The show was slated to start at 7:30pm. No. It started at 9pm. That was the only slight blow to what was a wonderful night. I think an opening act was needed to fill in the slot. Anywho, Jay and 'Ye played so well off each other. Both performed all of their biggest hits to the crowd's delight. I'm talking about back to back to back. No breaks. Unfortunately  They still had to perform songs from 'Watch The Throne' because, y'know, that IS the name of the concert. At least they played my two favorite songs (in the case of NinP, they performed it three times!). Jay was as charismatic as ever and truly got the people going. 'Ye was as passionate as ever with his need to sing and his ever evolving kilts. Yes, the man wore kilts.

I swear this man is wearing a women's top.

  • Kanye kept repping DC, even name dropping the towns that he used to live in or visit. His dad still lives in the area. He went as far as to say that DC is where he got half of his swagger from. I mean, I don't know about all of that, though. *chuckles*
  • Towards the end of the show, Jay demanded the audience to start going crazy. He then looked down and noticed a lady in the front row not following instructions. She was just sitting there. He told the lady that she was at a concert and this is not the time to be bougie (shorten term for bourgeois). I guess he didn't like the lady response to that because the next thing he says is, "Do you speak English?" #womp 
  • During "All of the Lights", the lightening director wasn't doing his job. Kanye was truly about to have one of his infamous moments when, really, all of the (stage) lights were not coming on. This happened not one but TWICE. Kanye was not impressed. He even said, "N***** always be making me have a Yeezy moment." Ha! Like the saying goes: third time is a charm. And all was right in the world. Again. See clip here.

"Throw your diamonds in the sky if you feel the vibe."
I honestly would like to go the concert again in another city. So serious.

The end.

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