What I Am Obsessing Over...TV Edition

I am not a fan of reality TV shows. You know, the Real Housewives of... and the Basketball Wives and Jersey Shore, etc. I tend to watch some episodes because of my sister or friends or because my Twitter (follow me @vivikechy if you like) timeline makes it sound so interesting but even then I feel like I'm losing a couple of brain cells and I begin to zone out and lose interest.


I am a fan of reality competition shows. You know, the American Idol and Amazing Race and Project Runway and what have you. It's real people trying to showcase their talent, gain some exposure and eventually, win the whole shebang. Yeah, from time to time one can sense some producer manipulation in order to garner some drama for ratings. No matter how many times I've yelled out to my TV, "What the fuck?!! I'm not watching this shit AGAIN!" (ex. when Gretchen was announced the winner of Project Runway Season 8. Also add when Anya was announced as the winner of Project Runway Season 9. Grr..), I still come back for more. Why? Because I truly love these shows. Despite the judges and America's weird  thought process.

Anywho, I'm blabbing all of this just to say that one of my favorite fall TV shows has just ended, The Sing Off. TSO truly captures raw talent because this is a show searching to find the best acapella group in the country. That's right, a capella. No flashy production. No band. No pre-recorded tape. Just the singers and their voices. It is truly awesome to watch. The winner, Pentatonix, was crowned and I am beyond geeked. This group, all five of them, are just flat out amazing. All are under the age of 25 (with three just being 19!). Great singers, great musicality, great chemistry. I became a stan fan of theirs after their showstopping performance during hip-hop week in which they performed Love Lockdown:

Ever since, they have consistently brought it. I mean BROUGHT IT. Love 'em! Here are a couple more videos of some of my favorite Pentatonix performances.

And just because, here's a performance by Vocal Point during R&B week. They performed Every Little Step... and absolutely killed it! It was such a unexpected yet fun number. One of my favorites from this season:

True story but I typed this whole post with a big ass cheesy grin.

Until next time...

*still grinning*