CapFABB Meetup: Caramel Boutique

Event: Goodwill's Holiday Trunk Show
Where: Caramel Boutique

Summary: Yesterday was the monthly CapFABB meetup this time at Caramel Boutique. Caramel, in conjunction with The Fashion of Goodwill, hosted a holiday trunk show featuring vintage and contemporary finds from local, national and international designers. I didn't buy anything but a lot of bloggers found some fantastic items. Best part of going to these sort of meetups is chatting it up with some new faces. That's always a plus.

After the event, a round of bloggers decided to head out for some drinks and something to munch on. I was relieved 'cause I was HONGRAY. Yes. HONGRAY. We went across the street to a place called Local 16. First time there and I enjoyed it. I tried out the Crema Catalana and Shrimp Croquettes. Both delicious. And, of course, a glass of wine.

photo c/o Comme Coco 
The next post will be on what I wore to this event.