Closer Look

When's the last time I did an outfit post that didn't have some kind of event attached to it? Yep...a while. This post is just about me and my outfit.

I'm really into the midi trend. But then again, this is coming from girl that can wear a skirt everyday for 365 days. I walked into the thrift store recently with one thing in mind: midi skirts. I scored like 3 of 'em for a total of $10. Mission accomplished. This skirt wasn't one of them, though. I got this skirt like a week after. Actually, it was my friend, Cee, who saw it last minute while we were walking towards the cashier line. She snatched it from the rack and flung it into my cart. I glanced at it, like, I'm not sure I'm feeling the pattern of this skirt. But a couple more seconds of me bending my neck from left to right with a o_O expression, I slowly began to like it. I lifted the skirt to inspect it a bit more only to discover that it has pockets and buttons on the side. Sold.

Blazer: vintage (Saks Fifth Avenue), Shirt: Macy's, Skirt/Belt: thrifted, Shades: Target, Shoes: Avenue
Isn't it funny how you can have something for so long and yet find something 'new' about it? Take for instance my favorite vintage navy blue blazer that I wear a lot. *mouths* A lot. Had this blazer for over a year. The other day I noticed the labeling. It's from Saks Fifth Avenue plus size line, Salon Z. Man, was I shocked! lolol. I swear, sometimes I question myself thinking I'm this observant person. Cause, clearly...
Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Forever 21, Purse: vintage

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Hope you're having a great and safe weekend!