Gold Rush

It's only right for me to wear something gold, no? It was about that time. I got the gold sequin jacket and gold/black tweed pencil skirt at a ridiculous price from Macy's. And I'm saying 'ridiculous' in a good way. Oh, and  it was good! You see, the original price of the jacket was $99.50. Macy's was having this crazy ass sale of like 60% off and a chance of it being higher at the register. Final price? $29.85. VICTORY! Same goes for the skirt. Original price was $74.00. Final price? $29.60. VICTORY! Funny enough, I bought both of these items together but it didn't dawn on me until I got home that it'll look great together as an outfit. So, that's what I did. Keeping the holiday spirit alive!

Jen and her love of taking candids. I love taking candids too. But not when I'm the subject.
I just think candids don't work for me. Weird...I know.

Jacket/Skirt: Macy's, Lace Camisole: n/a, Black Camisole: Old Navy, Shoes: Torrid
Purse: Forever21, Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: vintage, Bracelets/Ring: Lane Bryant, Lipstick: MAC Lady Danger

Next post will be about the event I attended, Bloggers Night Out!