Style Swap

Event: Style Swap
Where: Kay Spiritual Basement at American University

Summary:  My sister and I had a lot...and I mean A LOT...of clothes that we didn't need anymore. So, when I received an email about a style swap happening, I knew exactly where to take my 'luggage'. My goal at the swap was to find a nice shiny item. Maybe in a form of a sweater, blouse, skirt, etc. I brought along my friend, Cee, for the ride.

And let me stress, it was definitely a ride. We got lost. We couldn't find this Spiritual Basement place for nothing. We had to keep stopping and asking folks where it was. Their directions took us this way and that way but not TO the place. *le sigh* But we did manage to find ourselves in a wealthy neighborhood filled with beautiful mansions. I love looking at unique homes so that took my mind off the fact that we were lost and late. Finally, with the help of Elle, who was also going to the swap, we got to the destination. After lugging our stuff and kicking the bigger 'luggage' down a flight of steps (yes, this did happen), it was time to swap!

The organizer for this swap was the awesome and very funny Carolyn Becker, a student at American University. The fee was to donate one canned food. The canned goods was donated to Positive Force DC. At the end of the swap, the leftover items went to Goodwill. A great way to give back this holiday season.

Cape: Old Navy, Shirt: Target, Jeans: Forever 21+, Shoes: Simply Be, Scarf: Coach, Watch: Guess

Messing with Picasa

You: But Vivi? Did you ever find a shiny item in a form of a sweater, blouse or skirt?
Me: Well, since you asked...yes! Yes, I did.

This beauty is a 'L'. Considering I'm usually a 'XL/XXL' on the top, I started to get a bit worried. But a lil' itsy bitsy voice in my head pushed me to feel out the material. It had a bit of stretch to it, so I came to the conclusion that it will be fine. Once I got home to try it on, it was a perfect match. The moral of the story? There is none Never be discouraged by what the label says.

For more pictures of the style swap click here!