Silver Accents

Tis the holiday season! Me? I'm ready for some holiday parties. Anything with 'holiday' attached to it will pique my interest. I know folks that follow me on Twitter may be getting a bit tired of me always tweeting about some holiday party to attend. But it's true! I really want to attend a few...and more. Especially since I'm not going home (home = Nigeria) this time of the year. It's been 4 years and counting. It pains me. *wipes away a single teardrop rolling down my cheek*

I like to think that my outfit showed that I'm ready for the holiday season. I got the emerald green dress from Old Navy. *Fire Marshall Bill voice* Let me tell you something. Old Navy has stepped their game up seriously these past few months. I mean, I've already loved Old Navy.  But you...yes YOU...should love Old Navy, too. I say scour their online store. Better selections than in-store. Anywho, paired it with my, you guessed it, Old Navy cardigan that has some pretty silver jewel detailing. Because of those jewels, I went with silver and black accents throughout my accessories. Even my tights were shimmering. Too bad the pictures doesn't show it. Opted for flats because I knew I had to walk a couple of long blocks from the metro to get to the venue. At least they were pretty! (^_^)

Dress/Cardigan: Old Navy, Flats: Lane Bryant, Purse: Gucci, Watch:Michael Kors
Shimmer Tights: Macy's, Necklaces/Ring: n/a, Scarf: vendor

Enjoy your weekend! Make it a safe one. :o)