Tribal Night

I haven't worn this tribal blazer for quite some time. And I really don't know why, either. Like, it's been almost 2 years. Funny enough, the last time I wore it was here. That was such a fun day. Anywho, I went to a birthday dinner at Sake Japanese Restaurant. Great sushi, by the way!

At first, I wanted to go with a springy outfit but then last minute I changed my mind to an *ABE outfit. But then it was like, ugh, do I really want to do an ABE outfit? So, I added the tribal blazer and felt much better. Well, slightly. I didn't know if I was doing too much by pairing a tribal print blazer with the Old Navy black sequin dress.

Meanwhile, this past Saturday I purged out my closet. I tend to do this every two months or so. Not only did I purge out my closet but I brought out my spring/summer clothes, too. Pressed much? Who knows...who cares. I guess I've been spoiled by this great weather the DC area has been experiencing of late that I've just concluded that this Winter season has made its exit. *fingers crossed* Looking through my S/S clothes I realized that 1) I have way too many dresses...which is awesome! and 2) I have way too many dresses that I cannot fit into...which is a bummer. This can only lead to one thing: time to drop some pounds. I can't let those beautiful vintage (yes, vintage!) dresses go to waste. Nah. Not happening. Wish me luck! 

Also, I have a heap of stuff that will be added to my store pretty soon. Nice dresses, tops, jackets, skirts, vests and shoes. All will be sold at a reasonable price with reasonable shipping fees. Hopefully, everything will be up and running within the next two weeks.

Have a great week...while being fashionable. 

*ABE = All Black Everything