Upgrade My Wardrobe: Jeans and Pants

Fun Fact: I own 3 pair of jeans, 1 pair of pants and 1 pair of leggings.


If I can wear skirts or dresses everyday of the year, I most certainly can. But even I know that sometimes it's pretty cool to change up your look once it an a while. In my case, this means owning more than just 4 freakin' pair of pants. *facepalm*

It's not that I don't like pants or jeans..because I do. And it's not that the ones I currently have don't look good on me...because they do. It's just that it can be quite a hassle finding the right pair to fit my body type (apple shape, barely no ass). The thought of just trying on jeans just brings a stank look across my face (seriously, I'm typing this sentence with a 'stank face'). I do not like trying on clothes.

But this season, I'm all for pants and jeans! And I really don't know why. Like, I'm truly excited to purchase some. Weird. (I'm sticking with my one pair of leggings, though. Truly don't care for leggings. The only time I wear the one of I have is for lounging in the house or to quickly buy something from the grocery store.)


From top left: ASOS, ASOS, Old Navy, ASOS, ASOS

My focus for this spring/summer season is to buy items that I truly need. And I am in dire need for some new pair of jeans and pants/trousers. 

All ye lover of pants, where else can I find a nice stylish pair?